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9 January 2014



50 years of Post Office service for Marjorie Goldthorpe

Familiar face behind the counter at Great Preston Post Office

Surprise party to celebrate landmark occasion

Great Preston Post Office, 10 St Aidens Road, Great Preston, Leeds, LS26 8AZ

After half a century behind the counter at Great Preston Post Office, there isn’t much that gets past Marjorie Goldthorpe ­– except for a surprise party to celebrate five decades at the helm.

The smiley 74-year-old thought she was heading out for afternoon tea, only to walk into a room full of regular customers and local dignitaries all keen to congratulate her on 50 years at the Post Office.

The postmistress was presented with a Post Office long-service award and a Divisional Commander Commendation from West Yorkshire Police. She was also given a scrapbook containing historical documents, including her acceptance letter when taking on the role in 1964.

“I thought I was going out for afternoon tea and had been told to take some keys to my son at The New Inn, but when I walked in lots of people shouted ‘surprise’,” explained Marjorie.

“Many of my customers were there, the police, parish councillors and people from the Post Office.

“It was such a shock ­– I wasn’t expecting anything like that at all. It was overwhelming and very emotional.”

Among those attending was 96-year-old Lucy Lund, a customer of Marjorie’s from the moment she became postmistress, alongside the many regulars she knows by name,

And it is the place of the Post Office at “the heart of the community” that Marjorie believes has allowed her to continue working.

“There isn’t anything else in the immediate area so I think the Post Office is vital to the village,” she said.

“I probably wouldn’t have lasted this long if I was in a town but seeing the same faces and dealing with some of them since they were children is a very nice thing.

“Ours is a wonderful community. Much has changed over the years but there is still a lot of sprit here.”

Although Marjorie has remained a constant, the mother-of-three admits she’s had to adapt to change over the last five decades.

“When I started, we used to add everything up in our head, but now we use calculators and computers,” she said.

“I was a bit nervous at first because unlike young people today I wasn’t brought up on computers but I am getting on with them okay and I plan to remain here for as long as I possibly can.”

Marjorie’s Network Field Support Advisor Kath Smith presented the award, and said: “Marjorie embodies the kind of attitude and dedication that the Post Office is so proud of.

“We want to congratulate Marjorie on her outstanding service to Great Preston Post Office and the local community over the last 50 years. It’s a remarkable achievement.”


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Britain in Bloom Summer Judging 2013

We are delighted to announce that the Villages received the Silver Gilt Award in the Yorkshire in Bloom Competition 2013.

The Yorkshire in Bloom judges, Judith and Maurice Baren, visited Great and Little Preston on Wednesday 17th July 2013 and were given a tour of the area by members of the In Bloom Group. The Group were delighted to welcome the judges and to show them the results of all the hard work that has taken place over the past year, especially the newly created Jubilee Garden and the recently constructed Meadow Wood Walk. The comprehensive tour, which included Glencoe, Bowers Row, St Aidan's Country Park, Little Preston and Great Preston, was followed by a buffet lunch in the Village Hall. The judges, who were a pleasure to host, were able to chat with some local residents and learn a little about our environment, our history and our heritage. We enjoyed their visit - and we hope they did too.

Read the Judge’s Report here.

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